Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Indiana National Guard Record: Ord Wehrly LeMaster

While checking out the Indiana Digital Archives project, I found out that my grandfather had served in the Indiana National Guard.  I decided to request copies from the archives to see what records they might have, and was pleased with the results.  For only $11, I obtained the follow records:

LeMaster, Ord W., Indiana National Guard Records

It appears that grandpa enlisted on March 20, 1923 from Salamonia, Indiana.  His physical description shows he weighed 142 lbs., stood 5 feet 5 inches, had a ruddy complexion with blue eyes and black hair.  His age is listed as 18 years and six months.  In case of emergency, his father L.C. LeMaster of Salamonia, Ind. was to be notified.

It appears that he served with the 151st Inf. Howitzer unit and the 139th F.A. [field artillery] Med. Dept. out of Portland, Indiana.  He re-enlisted on October 25, 1926 and again on April 2, 1928.  Active duty dates show March 29, 1926, October 24, 1927, April 1, 1929, April 2, 1929 and April 1, 1930.  I wonder if these might refer to re-enlistment dates.

Grandpa was appointed as Private First Class on July 1, 1924; was made Corporal on August 1, 1925; reduced back to Private on January 1, 1926; and finally made Private First Class again on July, 1, 1928.

He was honorably discharged March 15, 1930, expiration of enlistment effective April 1, 1930.

These units served on the Mexican border before the first World War, and I need to research more about them to find out if they saw other active duty service along the border after the war.

One mystery is the enlistment date: grandpa would have only been 16 years old, six months, not 18 years; birthdate was September 30, 1906.  This could explain why he didn't graduate from high school until 1928 - he must have decided to join the service. 

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