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Pierpont Family in Indianapolis, 1918

Polk's 1918 Directory, City of Indianapolis, Indiana

Continuing my research into the PIERPONT family in Indianapolis, the 1918 Polk's Directory at listed the following PIERPONTS [h=house, b=boarder].   I've been hoping to find out more about the early days of Harry PIERPONT.

Pierpont Clarence M bench hd h1819 Southeastern av
Pierpont Edw lab h1747 Blaine av
Pierpont Elpha L furn rms 112 w North
Pierpont Ezra M mach h1036 Blaine av
Pierpont Fern M bkpr Fidelity Trust Co r1107 Blaine av
Pierpont Jno T wood wkr h1742 w Morris
Pierpont Macel r907 King av
Pierpont Raymond clk r2810 Schofield av
Pierpont Wm E lab r967 King av
Pierpont Wm R clk Merrill & Alford r2810 Schofield av
Harry's sister, Fern, is listed as the bookkeeper for Fidelity Trust Company and is living at 1107 Blaine Avenue, the same address she had in the 1916 directory.

The unidentified Clarence PIERPONT appears at the same address as the 1916 directory.

The Edward PIERPONT appears to be the same as Edward L. from the 1916 directory.  Believe he is the son of John T. and Hester PIERPONT, and a younger brother of Joseph Gilbert PIERPONT, Harry's father.

The Elpha L. PIERPONT is unidentified at this time.

The Ezra M. PIERPONT, a machinist, I believe is the brother of Edward and Joseph Gilbert PIERPONT, and son of John T. and Hester PIERPONT.

The John T. PIERPONT, residing at 1742 Morris was Harry's grandfather.

The Macel PIERPONT remains unidentified, as does the Raymond PIERPONT, who was listed as Roy in the 1916 directory.  The William R. PIERPONT at the Schofield address is likewise unidentified.

The other William, William E. PIERPONT is likewise unidentified.

There were multiple PIERPONTs in Indianapolis during this time period, all of whom were probably related, but at this point I haven't tied them all together. Since I'm primarily looking for Harry's family, I haven't spent much time sorting out the other cousins.

Where was Harry's father, Joseph Gilbert PIERPONT during this time?  Found him in 1912 directory, yet I'm not finding him listed in directories after that point until the 1920 census.

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