Thursday, January 12, 2012

On This Day : January 12

1680: Nicholas FESSENDEN born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Nicholas was the daughter of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1718: Joseph CHASE died.  Joseph was the son of Thomas CHASE and Elizabeth PHILBRICK.

1777: Daniel ADNEY born in Botetourt County, Virginia.  Daniel was the son of Thomas ADNEY and Elizabeth DUNN.

1792: Rebeckah RAINS born.  Rebeckah was the daughter of Anthony RAINS and Nancy GRAHAM.

1805: Janet WARDLOW married Joseph CALVIN in Clermont County, Ohio.  Janet was the daughter of Robert WARDLAW and Janet DOWNEY.

1834: Abel B. WOOLSTON died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Abel was the son of John WOOLSTON and Beulah BRIGGS.  Abel was my 4x great-grandfather.

1843: Jackson Conrad CROCKETT married Clarinda GRIFFITHS in Monroe County, Indiana.  Jackson was the son of David CROCKETT and Mary Ann NOSLER.

1853: Elizabeth FLANAGAN married Thomas J. HENDRICKS in DeSoto, Louisiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William Jackson FLANAGAN and Elizabeth JACKSON.

1861: Anna HIGGINS died in Amwell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Anna was the daughter of Judiah H. HIGGINS and Mary HILL.

1867: Albert Duffey PEFLEY born in Wabash County, Indiana.  Albert was the son of Thomas Jefferson PEFLEY and Ruth Anne DUFFEY.  Albert was Eileen's great-grandfather.

1907: Arthur MILLER born in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Arthur was the son of Mathias MILLER and Elizabeth SCHAEFFER.  Arthur was Corinne's great-grandfather.

1918: Wilbur Roscoe DECKER born in Springfield, Illinois.  Wilbur was the son of Peter W. DECKER and Pansy GILLILAND.

1936: Hulda Lucille MEINHOLTZ married Martin Daniel KLINGER.  Hulda was the daughter of Henry MEINHOLTZ and Edith Mabel LeMASTERS.

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