Monday, March 12, 2012

Garland Hancock at Moonsville School

A recent eBay listing was a real photo postcard (RPPC) of a Moonsville, Indiana school.  Handwritten on the back it stated that Garland Hancock was the teacher.  Circumstantial evidence leads me to believe that this Garland is the same as the one in my database.

Moonsville is an  unincorporated part of Richland Township in Madison County, Indiana.

Garland HANCOCK (1887-1922) married into my extended family when he married Cora E. GROENENDYKE on April 10, 1909 in Madison County, Indiana.  Cora (1890-1967) was the daughter of Thomas and Emily (SMITH) GROENENDYKE.

Garland was born July 1, 1887 in Richland Township, Madison County, Indiana and died June 1, 1922 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.  He and Cora were the parents of three children: Donald T., Virgil G., and Maxine.

In my notes, I have that Garland attended Indiana University.  I need to research census records to see if his occupation was listed as a teacher.

The auction ended without a winning bid.

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