Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On This Day : March 13

1714 - Jabesh HEATON born.  Jabesh was the son of Samuel HEATON and Susan HAWES.

1740 - Anna Katherine KAHRE died.  Anna was Corinne's 8x great-grandmother.

1752 - John STILLMAN born.  John was the son of John STILLMAN and Molly CLARKE.

1754 - Esther WILLSON born in Hardwick, Sussex County, New Jersey.  Esther was the daughter of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah WILLETS.

1767 - Roger BURDICK born in South Kingston, Rhode Island.  Roger was the son of Oliver BURDICK and Lydia ELDERTON.

1803 - Abraham BYERS born in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Abraham was the son of Abraham BYERS and Mary STICKEL.

1813 - Catherine YOUNG born.  Catherine was the daughter of Phillip YOUNG and Nancy Ann McLANE.

1858 - William Martin BOYER married Elizabeth J. WILCOX in Franklin County, Ohio.  William was the son of Martin BOYER and Anna BENNETT.

1858 - Margaret Leona MAXON born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Margaret was the daughter of Melford Joseph MAXON and Mary E. LANCASTER.

1872 - Amos DUFFEY married Mary Keziah McKINNEY.  Amos was the son of Daniel DUFFEY and Susanna FREEZE.

1875 - Jessie Lillian LOOFBOURROW born in Darke County, Ohio.  Jessie was the daughter of William Wade LOOFBOURROW and Martha Julesa LEMASTERS.

1880 - Allen Aaron SWAFFORD married Meda LILES in Ray County, Missouri.  Allen was the son of John B. SWAFFORD and Nancy Rowena MILLARD.

1906 - Herbert W. METZNER born in Jay County, Indiana.  Herbert was the son of Irvin G. METZNER and Julia STONE.

1911 - Mary Louise PHILLIPS born in Kansas City, Missouri.  Mary was the daughter of Senator Winfield PHILLIPS and Una Maude LEMASTERS.

1912 - Jane JARRETT died in Fayette County, Iowa.  Jane was Corinne's 4x great-grandmother.

1912 - Lillian Mae ALDERMAN born in New Glarus, Wisconsin.  Lillian was the daughter of William ALDERMAN and Ida E. HOGA.

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