Thursday, March 01, 2012

On This Day : March 1

1675 - Richard CHEW married Frances WOODWARD in Flushing, New York.  Richard was the son of John CHEW and Ann GATES.  They were my 9x great-grandparents.

1760 - Thornton TAYLOR born.  Thornton was the son of Francis TAYLOR and Mildred Ann CRADDOCK.

1784 - James TAYLOR died.  James was the son of Col. James TAYLOR and Martha THOMPSON.

1798 - Hannah WILLIAMS married James ROBINSON.  Hannah was the daughter of Jesse WILLIAMS and Eleanor JOHNSON.

1807 - Caleb MAXSON married Mary BLISS.  Caleb was the son of John MAXSON and Tacy ROGERS.

1815 - Mary C. DEACON born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Mary was the daughter of Joseph DEACON and Beulah HAINES.

1828 - Content DAVIS born.  Content was the daughter of Nathan J. DAVIS and Keziah DAVIS.

1829 - Bowater SUMNER died in Rainsboro, Highland County, Ohio.  Bowater was the son of Robert SUMNER and Phoebe BEALS.

1839 - Louisa HEATON born in Brown County, Ohio.  Louisa was the daughter of James R. HEATON and Elizabeth JACOBS.

1855 - Reuben H. DAVIS born in Doddridge County, Virginia.  Reuben was the son of Cornelius S. DAVIS and Elizabeth Johnson SUTTON.

1881 - Iva Josephine BALLEIN born in Ohio.  Iva was the daughter of William Henry BALLEIN and Clarissa A. WRIGHT.

1884 - George W. KING married Tecky I. WILLIAMS in Anderson County, Kansas.  George was the son of George S. KING and Nancy E. BOYD.

1884 - Tiney Louetta CUMMINGS born in Alabama.  Tiney was the daughter of John Spencer CUMMINGS and Martha Addling PACE.

1895 - Charles ALDERMAN born.  Charles was the son of George W. ALDERMAN and Sarah JARRARD.

1899 - Luther C. SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Luther was the son of Jesse SWAFFORD and Dollie A. HALL.

1903 - Margaret PIERCE married John W. JONES in Madison County, Indiana.  Margaret was the daughter of Edmund G. PIERCE and Catherine GROENENDYKE.

1911 - Daisy IVEY born in Benton, Marshall County, Kentucky.  Daisy was the daughter of Samuel H. IVEY and Emma E. CARTER.

1911 - John Alfred BEALS married Harriett May CHRISTIAN in Hamilton County, Indiana.  John was the son of John Franklin BEALS and Dora FODERA.

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