Monday, March 26, 2012

On This Day : March 26

1739 - Thomas MENDENHALL died in Wiltshire, England.  Thomas was the son of Thomas MENDENHALL and Joane STROADE.

1822 - Nathaniel LEWIS born in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1827 - Mary Jane MAXON born in Pennsylvania.  Mary was the daughter of Jesse MAXON and Jane NANGLE.

1834 - Isom HUNT married Susannah STANLEY.  Isom was the son of Isom HUNT and Margaret BUNDY.

1846 - George PENISTEN married Amanda Melvina CAWGILL.  George was the son of Joseph PENISTEN and Jerusha LUNBECK.

1861 - Lydia WELLS died in Genesee, New York.  Lydia was the daughter of Silvanus MAXSON and Lydia LEWIS.

1863 - Margaret JACOBS married Benjamin DREIBLEBEIS in Wayne County, Ohio. Margaret was the daughter of David JACOBS and Barbara BYERS.

1867 - Elmer C. BOWMAN born in Eagleton, Hamilton County, Indiana.  Elmer was the son of Levi Reynolds BOWMAN and Almarinda Clementine NEUGEN.

1886 - Okey DAVIS died in Long Run, West Virginia.  Okey was the son of Joseph Newton DAVIS and Almeda DAVIS.

1893 - Lewis Sutton DAVIS died in Knoxville, Iowa.  Lewis was the son of Nathan DAVIS and Jane SUTTON.

1897 - Floyd Wade CHATFIELD born in Rosevale, Garfield County, Nebraska.  Floyd was the son of John Crandall CHATFIELD and Jessie Lillian LOOFBOURROW.

1902 - John William SWAFFORD married Viola Mae MILLER in Ray County, Missouri.  John was the son of John B. SWAFFORD and Nancy Rowena MILLARD.

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