Thursday, April 12, 2012

On This Day : April 12

1682 - Joseph BROWN born in Northamptonshire, England.  Joseph was the son of William BROWN and Dorothy ________.

1699 - Joseph HURLBUT born in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Joseph was the son of Joseph HURLBUT and Mary CASTLE.

1709 - Isaac PIERCE born.  Isaac was the son of Isaac PIERCE and Grace TUCKER.

1747 - Jonathan CRANDALL married Hannah DOWNING.  Jonathan was the son of Eber CRANDALL and May COTTRELL.

1752 - Bennett FIELD born in Mansfield, Connecticut.  Bennett was the son of Bennett FIELD and Elizabeth SPOFFORD.

1782 - Jane WRIGHT born.  Jane was the daughter of John WRIGHT and Sarah FLEMING.

1784 - Nathaniel KENYON married Tacy DAVIS.  Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel KENYON and Eleanor UTTER.

1786 - Samuel BOND born in Surry County, North Carolina.  Samuel was the son of Samuel BOND and Elizabeth BEALS.

1803 - Philander WARDLOW born.  Philander was the son of William WARDLAW and Elizabeth NESBIT.

1804 - Rachel HAINES married Japeth BISHOP in Burlington County, New Jersey. Rachel was the daughter of Robert HAINES and Rachel VENICOMB.

1823 - Samuel WARDLAW born.  Samuel was the son of James WARDLAW and Eleanor IRWIN.

1828 - John Wesley ANDERSON born.  John was the son of Elijah ANDERSON and Susannah WILLIAMS.

1838 - John WOOLSTON died in Mt. Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  John was the son of Cornwell WOOLSTON and Hannah AARONSEN.  John was my 5x great-grandfather.

1849 - Orinda J. KING born in Madison County, Indiana.  Orinda was the daughter of George Washington KING and Elizabeth HOWARD.

1853 - Frances A. CHEW born in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa.  Frances was the daughter of Elijah W. CHEW and Sarah MILLER.

1856 - Wesley L. PATTERSON born in Sharpsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Wesley was the son of James C. PATTERSON and Amanda Cassandra MAXON.

1857 - Amanda GROENENDYKE married Edwin Clark Anthony SNYDER.  Amanda was the daughter of Elias GROENENDYKE and Nancy JENKINS.

1860 - Rachel THORNBURGH died.  Rachel was the daughter of Daniel BEALS and Susanna JACKSON.

1872 - Mary S. LAMBERTSON born in Darke County, Ohio.  Mary was the daughter of Nelson J. LAMBERTSON and Eliza Jane JOHNSON.

1881 - Luman W. LeMASTERS married Emeline ALLEMAN.  Luman was the son of John LeMASTERS and Mary H. BAKER.

1911 - Ruth Pauline HALEY born in Noble Township, Jay County, Indiana.  Ruth was the daughter of Eli Weldon HALEY and Cora Belle METZNER.  She was my grandmother.

1911 - George Logan SWAFFORD married Addie HALE in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  George was the son of James Aaron SWAFFORD and Nancy Alice SHERRIL.

1951 - Ethel May SHREEVE died.  Ethel was the daughter of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

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