Friday, April 13, 2012

On This Day : April 13

1572 - Rose KERRICH born in Saxsted, Suffolk, England.  Rose was the daughter of William KERRICH and Margery ________.  Rose was my 10x great-grandmother.

1645 - Thomas BACON born in Bridgewater, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.  Thomas was the son of Daniel BACON and Mary READE.

1706 - Deborah CRANDALL married George STILLMAN.  Deborah was the daughter of Rev. Joseph CRANDALL and Deborah BURDICK.

1723 - John LEWIS born.  John was the son of John LEWIS and Anna CLARKE.

1741 - Deborah STILLMAN married Benjamin TANNER.   Deborah was the daughter of George STILLMAN and Deborah CRANDALL.

1792 - Bela PIERCE born.  Bela was the daughter of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1793 - Randall MAXSON married Mary SAUNDERS.  Randall was the son of Joshua MAXSON and Anna SLACK.

1797 - Solomon BEALS married Catherine HARROLD.  Solomon was the son of Isaac BEALS and Hannah JONES.

1804 - Reuben MOULTON born.  Reuben was the son of John MOULTON and Avis HURLBUT.

1820 - Anna Maria STICKEL died in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvnaia.  Anna was my 6x great-grandmother.

1834 - James McCOOL married Sally DAUGHERTY in Warrick County, Indiana.  James was the son of Benjamin McCOOL.

1848 - Elizabeth BOND died in Wayne County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas BEALS and Sarah ANTRIM.

1848 - James Alexander CROCKETT born.  James was the son of Joseph CROCKETT and Elizabeth JAMES.

1883 - Diana STALEY died.   Diana was the daughter of Adam YOUNG and Sarah CRUM.

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