Saturday, April 28, 2012

On This Day : April 28

1663 - Exercise CONANT married Sarah ANDREWS.  Exercise was the son of Roger CONANT.  They were my 8x-great grandparents.

1666 - Mary HERITAGE born in Sutton, England.  Mary was the daughter of Richard HERITAGE and Mary TIMMS.  Mary was my 9x-great grandmother.

1711 - Abraham HAZELTINE died in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Abraham was the son of Robert HAZELTINE.  Abraham was my 9x-great grandfather.

1716 - Mercy WAITE born.  Mercy was the daughter of Peter WAITE and Sarah PIERCE.

1769 - Samuel SEWALL died.  Samuel was the son of John SEWALL and Hannah FESSENDEN.

1776 - James OLIPHANT born.  James was the son of John OLIPHANT and Hannah AMOS.

1778 - Robert CHEW died in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Robert was the son of John CHEW and Margaret BEVERLY.

1793 - John BEALS born in York County, Pennsylvania.  John was the son of Jacob BEALS and Elizabeth BLACKBURN.

1800 - Nathan MAXSON married Ruth CRANDALL.  Nathan was the son of Silvanus MAXSON and Lydia LEWIS.

1802 - Godfrey HECK married Elizabeth KIMMER in Bracken County, Kentucky.  Godfrey was the son of Daniel HECK and Catherine ________.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas KIMMER and Sarah FAYLER.  They were my 5x-great grandparents.

1814 - Annie CHEW born.  Annie was the daughter of Elisah Dunham CHEW and Elizabeth HERITAGE.

1819 - John HUNT married Catherine COFFIN in Guilford County, North Carolina. John was the son of John HUNT and Rachel HAWORTH.

1846 - Susanna HEATON married Robert N. WARDLOW in Brown County, Ohio.  Susanna was the daughter of James R. HEATON and Elizabeth JACOBS.

1867 - Joseph CHEW married Charlotte BALOR.  Joseph was the son of Joseph CHEW and Elizabeth THOMAS.

1869 - Virginia Maie PENISTEN born.  Virginia was the daughter of George PENISTEN and Amanda Melvina CAWGILL.

1955 - Cora Belle HALEY died in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  Cora was the daughter of John Adam METZNER and Clara MOULTON.  Cora was my great-grandmother.

1957 - Thomas W. SWAFFORD died in Bradley County, Tennessee.  Thomas was the son of John Hubert SWAFFORD and Eliza WOODEN.

1965 - Homer Leondeous SWAFFORD died in Red Bank, Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Homer was the son of James Aaron SWAFFORD and Nancy Alice SHERRIL.

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