Monday, May 07, 2012

On This Day : May 7

1643 - John PIERCE born.  John was the son of Thomas PIERCE and Elizabeth COLE.

1659 - James PIERCE born in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  James was the son of Thomas PIERCE and Elizabeth COLE.

1712 - Hannah HURLBUT born in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Hannah was the daughter of Joseph HURLBUT and Mary CASTLE.

1724 - John BROWN born.  John was the son of Richard BROWN and Hannah REYNOLDS.

1745 - Elizabeth Ann MILLS born in Frederick County, Virginia.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John MILLS and Sarah BEALS.

1762 - William G. DAVIS born in Squam, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  William was the son of Nathan DAVIS and Ann GIFFORD.

1783 - Joseph WELLS born in Hopkington, Rhode Island. Joseph was the son of Samuel WELLS and Susan POTTER.

1802 - Martha STANLEY married William CESTER.  Martha was the daughter of Strangeman STANLEY and Jemima MILLS.

1803 - Robert GAMBLE born.  Robert was the son of John GAMBLE and Rebecca McPHEETERS.

1816 - Mary CHEW died in New Jersey.  Mary was the daughter of John RICHARDS and Mary ________.  Mary was my 6x-great grandmother.

1869 - William KING died in Wabash County, Indiana.  William was my 4x-great grandfather.

1871 - Thomas A. KING born.  Thomas was the son of Calvin G. KING and Orinda J. KING.

1872 - Samuel LEWIS died in Denver, Miami County, Indiana.  Samuel was the son of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1888 - Zada M. HEATON born.  Zada was the daughter of John R. HEATON and Sarah Jane GRAY.

1915 - Malinda Lynn STRATTON died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.  Malinda was the daughter of James R. HEATON and Elizabeth JACOBS.

1949 - George W. IVEY died in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky.  George was the son of George Washington IVEY and Rebecca HARROLD.

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