Friday, June 15, 2012

On This Day : June 15

1671 - Richard DODGE died in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Richard was the son of John DODGE and Margery ________.  Richard was my 11x-great grandfather.

1699 - Ruth HARDY born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Ruth was the daughter of Jacob HARDY and Lydia EATON.  Ruth was my 7x-great grandmother.

1712 - Mary FESSENDEN married Joshua PARKER.  Mary was the daughter of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1750 - Joshua CHASE born.  Joshua was the son of Joshua CHASE and Mary MAXSON.

1765 - Phillip Whitehead TAYLOR born.  Phillip was the son of Francis TAYLOR and Mildred Ann CRADDOCK.

1776 - Jeremiah HAINES died.  Jeremiah was the son of Jeremiah HAINES and Hannah BONNELL.

1794 - Peter WAITE died.  Peter was the son of Peter WAITE and Abigail PIERCE.

1817 - Prudence MAXSON born in Greene County, Ohio.  Prudence was the daughter of Jesse MAXSON and Sarah SUTTON.  Prudence was 3x-great grandmother.

1817 - Joseph SUMNER born.  Joseph was the son of Absalom SUMNER and Pricilla JACKSON.

1825 - Johannes BYERS died in Franklin Township, York County, Pennsylvania.  Johannes was the son of Charles BYERS and Elizabeth ________.

1830 - Gordon P. COY born.  Gordon was the son of John COY and Almina PIERCE.

1840 - Elizabeth Ellen CROCKETT born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph CROCKETT and Elizabeth JAMES.

1843 - Lydia MAXSON died in Genesee, New York.  Lydia was the daughter of George POTTER and Content MAXSON.

1862 - David G. GROENENDYKE married Phoebe Ellen HUDDLESTON.  David was the son of James GROENENDYKE and Barbara BUCK.

1878 - Daniel SILLS married Mary ROSS in Wabash County, Indiana.  Daniel was the son of George SILLS and Mary GRIMES.

1907 - Glen Byron PIERCE born in Alexandria, Madison County, Indiana.  Glen was the son of Lyman PIERCE and Lavina SUNDERLAND.

1915 - Elizabeth C. LAMBERTSON born in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Wilson LAMBERTSON and Pearl May BEALS.

1919 - Amanda Ann SWAFFORD died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Amanda was the daughter of James Aaron SWAFFORD and Sarah Anne THURMAN.

1948 - Walter Joshua CARTER died in Pittsburg, Cherokee County, Kansas.  Walter was the son of Emory CARTER and Elma COX.

1959 - Ellanora Jane HUNT died.  Ellanora was the daughter of William Fleming McLANE and Elizabeth GUFFY.

1973 - Dorsey Maynard DAVIS died in Taylor County, West Virginia.  Dorsey was the son of William Morgan DAVIS and Ethel JENKINS.

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