Friday, June 29, 2012

On This Day : June 29

1733 - Mary WILLSON born in Bethlehem, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Mary was the daughter of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah WILLETS.

1745 - Samuel WITTER born.  Samuel was the son of John WITTER and Anne DAVIS.

1782 - Margaret HUNT married William HINSHAW.  Margaret was the daughter of William HUNT and Sarah MILLS.

1833 - James SLADE married Susan Margaret COOPER in Hinds County, Mississippi.  James was the son of Ezekiel SLADE and Mary HODGKINS.

1844 - Nathan DAVIS married Nancy DOTY.  Nathan was the son of Ananias DAVIS and Rebecca CLAYTON.

1863 - George Washington IVEY married Rebecca HARROLD in Marshall County, Kentucky.  George was the son of Thomas W. IVEY.  They were Eileen's 2x-great grandparents.

1864 - Joseph Pannil TAYLOR died.  Joseph was the son of Richard TAYLOR and Sarah Dabney STROTHER.

1876 - Mary J. KING died in Wabash County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Nathan KING and Anzeletta HOLDREN.

1880 - Eli KING married Laura Belle BLACK in Marion County, Indiana.  Eli was the son of Cornelius KING and Mary Ann BARNETT.

1889 - Elizabeth HEATON died in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James Thomas JACOBS and Isabella FEILY.  Elizabeth was my 4x-great grandmother.

1910 - Vernon Guy JACKSON married Elizabeth Isabell SEISS.  Vernon was the son of Lawrence Delbert JACKSON and Minerva Prudence WEHRLY.

1959 - Ruth Naomi PEASE died in Jay County, Indiana.  Ruth was the daughter of Daniel CORLE and Lula Belle PETRY.

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