Sunday, July 08, 2012

On This Day : July 8

1706 - Hans Heinrich CHERDRON born in Erlenbach, Bayern.  Hans was the son of Abraham CHERDRON and Anne Margueritte VIELLARD.  Hans was my 7x-great grandfather.

1724 - Henry REYNOLDS died.  Henry was the son of William REYNOLDS and Margaret EXTON.  Henry was my 9x-great grandfather.

1795 - Dorcas WILLIAMS married David HOGGATT.  Dorcas was the daughter of Richard WILLIAMS and Prudence BEALS.

1806 - Hancock TAYLOR married Sophia Elizabeth HORD.  Hancock was the son of Richard TAYLOR and Sarah Dabney STROTHER.

1824 - Bela A. COY born.  Bela was the daughter of John COY and Almina PIERCE.

1838 - Winfield S. COY born.  Winfield was the son of John COY and Almina PIERCE.

1848 - Oliver P. MAXON married Mary Jane BINEGAR in Greene County, Pennsylvania.  Oliver was the son of Stephen MAXON and Rachel COOK.

1878 - William SILLS married Sarah GRIMES in Wabash County, Indiana.  William was the son of George SILLS and Mary GRIMES.

1887 - Mary Florence GILLILAND born.  Mary was the daughter of Robert Farrell GILLILAND and Mary Ellen SWAFFORD.

1900 - Bessie Lee IVEY born in Mayfield, Kentucky.  Bessie was the daughter of Samuel H. IVEY and Emma E. CARTER.  Bessie was Eileen's grandmother.

1904 - Louisa Jane CHIVLARE died in Warrick County, Indiana.  Louisa was the daughter of Christopher C. BOYER and Nancy Ann McCOOL.

1908 - Cecil CUMMINGS born.  Cecil was the son of Prince Albert CUMMINGS and Hasey May REYNOLDS.

1939 - Mary L. SWOFFORD died in Hardin, Missouri.  Mary was the daughter of Chester S. SWOFFORD and Evelyn BRIGHT.

1949 - Walter Harold MAXON died in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.  Walter was the son of John Winfield MAXON and Pleasant Jane BAREMORE.

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