Monday, September 24, 2012

On This Day : September 24

1684 - Mary CHENEY married John HOLBROOK in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.  Mary was the daughter of Thomas CHENEY and Jane ATKINSON.

1698 - Jacob HAINES born.  Jacob was the son of William HAINES and Sarah PAINE.

1726 - Joseph DAVIS born.  Joseph was the son of John DAVIS and Elizabeth MAXSON.

1752 - Catherine HADLEY born.  Catherine was the daughter of Joshua HADLEY  and Patience BROWN.

1789 - George TAYLOR born.  George was the son of Richard TAYLOR and Sarah Dabney STROTHER.

1797 - Sylvanus MAXSON married Betty LANGWORTHY.  Sylvanus was the son of Silvanus MAXSON and Lydia LEWIS.

1804 - John LEMASTERS born in Mason County, Virginia.  John was the son of Jacob LEMASTERS and Hannah ________.

1817 - Hannah BEALS married Samuel BROWN.  Hannah was the daughter of David BEALS and Rachel WEST.

1818 - Hannah MAXSON married Asa BEE.  Hannah was the daughter of Zebulon MAXSON and Mary DAVIS.

1829 - Beulah Haines WOOLSTON married Daniel DEACON in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Beulah was the daughter of Samuel WOOLSTON and Hannah HAINES.

1832 - Patrick CUMMINGS born in Walker County, Alabama.  Patrick was the son of Spencer CROMEANS and Gincy ________.

1836 - George PEEPLES born in Miami County, Indiana.  George was the son of Hugh Allen Ballentine PEEPLES and Patsey FISHER.  George was Eileen's 2x-great grandfather.

1842 - Mary BYERS died in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania.  Mary was the daughter of Jacob STICKEL and Anna Maria ______.  Mary was my 5x-great grandmother.

1874 - Mary Seleta FLANAGAN married William C. ALLRED in Panola, Texas.  Mary was the daughter of William Jackson FLANAGAN and Elizabeth JACKSON.

1875 - Thomas Hagerman GROENENDYKE died.  Thomas was the son of James GROENENDYKE and Joannah ANTONIDES.

1879 - Edith Mabel LeMASTERS born in Jay County, Indiana.  Edith was the daughter of Luman Walker LEMASTERS and Mary Keziah CHEW.

1880 - Raymond MAXSON born in West Liberty, Muscatine County, Iowa.  Raymond was the son of Jonathan MAXSON and Lorencie Honore HAVEN.

1892 - Charles Dewitt SWAFFORD born in Taitsville, Missouri.  Charles was the son of John Marlin SWAFFORD and Octavia Elmira HAYES.

1894 - Isabella STROUFE died in Champaign County, Ohio.  Isabella was the daughter of Benjamin GRIMES and Catherine HAYNES.

1901 - Erma Mabel WRIGHT born in Alexandria, Madison County, Indiana.  Erma was the daughter of Charles Riggs WRIGHT and Bertha Cordelia LEONARD.

1917 - Carl Heinrich KAHRE died.  Carl was the son of Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE and Marie Caroline Wilhelmina KORFF.

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