Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On This Day : September 25

1640 - John CHENEY born in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.  John was the son of William CHENEY and Margaret COLE.

1694 - Christoph STICKEL married Anna BRAÜN in Egenhausen, Württemberg.  Christoph was the son of Hans STICKEL and Martha RAÜSCHENBERGER.  Anna was the daughter of Johannes BRAÜN and Jacobina KIRN.  They were my 8x-great grandparents.

1707 - Richard STOCKTON died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Richard was my 9x-great grandfather.

1739 - Benjamin PIERCE died in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   Benjamin was the son of Thomas PIERCE and Elizabeth COLE.

1722 - Deborah PIERCE married Samuel DENTON.  Deborah was the daughter of Benjamin PIERCE and Mary REED.

1804 - William McPHEETERS married Elizabeth McDOWELL near Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.  William was the son of William McPHEETERS and Rachel MOORE.

1805 - John MAXSON born in Green Brier Run, West Virginia.  John was the son of Zebulon MAXSON and Mary DAVIS.

1849 - William SHAW died in Madison County, Indiana.  William was my 4x-great grandfather.

1849 - Hosea Tilson SMITH born.   Hosea was the son of William P. SMITH and Prudence MAXSON.

1860 - Clara LEMASTERS born in St. John's, Allen County, Ohio.  Clara was the daughter of Isaac LEMASTERS and Sarah Ann HESTON.

1862 - Abel Woolston CHEW married Salome H. HOLDEMAN in Greenville, Darke County, Ohio.  Abel was the son of Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Caroline Bishop WOOLSTON.

1878 - Clarissa A. WRIGHT married William Henry BALLEIN in Brown County, Ohio.  Clarissa was the daughter of John WRIGHT and Anna WARDLOW.

1879 - Edmund FISHER married Martha HICKSON.  Edmund was the son of Lewis W. FISHER and Rebecca MARSHALL.

1884 - Edwin Everett CHALFANT born in West Virginia.  Edwin was the son of Solomon Elija CHALFANT and Matilda Gregg MAXON.

1884 - Felix CUMMINGS married Nancy E. MATLOCK in Maury County, Tennessee.  Felix was the son of Lindsey CUMMINGS and Caroline RUSH.

1886 - Jesse Omer PENISTEN born.  Jesse was the son of George Washington PENISTEN and Jemimah STIGLEMAN.

1892 - Thomas W. SWAFFORD married Mary GRAY in Bradley County, Tennessee.  Thomas was the son of John Hubert SWAFFORD and Eliza WOODEN.

1974 - Amelia Matilda MIGUET died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Amelia was the daughter of Edward J. SAUER and Amelia M. RITT.  Amelia was Corinne's 2x-great grandmother.

1980 - John James CUMMINGS died in Denton, Arkansas.  John was the son of Patrick Merlin CUMMINGS and Melinda Ellen PACE.

1982 - Mardelle McHARRY died.  Mardelle was the daughter of Hoy Hubert KING and Cleo Fern COX.

1994 - Robert Laverne ALDERMAN died in New Glarus, Wisconsin.  Robert was the son of William ALDERMAN and Ida E. HOGA.

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