Monday, October 15, 2012

On This Day : October 15

1635 - John DODGE died in Middlechinnock, Somerset, England.  John was my 12x-great grandfather.

1708 - Richard BEESON born in Frederick County, Virginia.  Richard was the son of Richard BEESON and Charity GRUBB.

1727 - Joshua CRANDALL born.  Joshua was the son of Joseph CRANDALL and Ann LANGWORTHY.

1752 - Lettice WOOLSTON born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Lettice was the daughter of Samuel WOOLSTON and Cyllania WOOLSTON.  Lettice was my  6x-great grandmother.

1754 - Henry DAVIS born.  Henry was the son of Joseph DAVIS and Mary BABCOCK.

1785 - Richard CHEW married Susannah MONEY in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Richard was the son of John CHEW and Ann JENNINGS.

1785 - David MIZE born in Kentucky.  David was the son of Isaac MIZE and Elizabeth ________.  David was Eileen's 5x-great grandfather.

1798 - Sarah ADNEY born in Virginia.  Sarah was the daughter of Daniel ADNEY and Anna COGER.

1807 - John W. POE married Elizabeth RAINS in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Anthony RAINS and Nancy GRAHAM.  They were my 5x-great grandparents.

1810 - John WRIGHT died in Clermont County, Ohio.  John was the son of John WRIGHT and Hannah FESSENDEN.  John was my 6x-great grandfather.

1827 - Mary CARSON married Abraham COOK.  Mary was the daughter of John CARSON and Abigail SUMNER.

1830 - Susan HECK married John WINTERS in Bracken County, Kentucky.  Susan was the daughter of John HECK and Catherine KIMMER.

1836 - Josiah MILLS married Martha HADLEY.  Josiah was the son of Henry MILLS and Hannah WOODWARD.

1839 - Elizabeth W. LAMBERTSON married Carey Kinkead GILLILAND in Butler County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John LAMBERTSON and Sarah A. WILLSON.

1848 - Isaac B. BOYER married Elizabeth Jane BAKER.  Isaac was the son of Martin BOYER and Anna BENNETT.

1851 - Jacob S. PEFLEY died in Wabash County, Indiana.  Jacob was the son of Solomon PEFLEY and Frances ROOF.

1871 - Benjamin Zellen KING born in Frankton, Madison County, Indiana.  Benjamin was the son of Daniel KING and Elizabeth SHAW.

1892 - Josephine SIGLER married Oris H. WAYMIRE in Madison County, Indiana.  Josephine was the daughter of Andrew Jackson SIGLER and Almira P. PIERCE.

1903 - David JACKLEY born.  David was the son of Mark O. JACKLEY and Cora Della KING.

1903 - Arabel SWAFFORD born Leslie, Searcy County, Arkansas.  Arabel was the daughter of John Marlin SWAFFORD and Octavia Elmira HAYES.

1907 - Effie Damsel GOSNELL born.  Effie was the daughter of David Madison GOSNELL and Frankie Cleveland KING.

1911 - Samuel S. LAMBERTSON died in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.  Samuel was the son of Carey W. LAMBERTSON and Clara E. COOK.

1916 - Jacob RIEBER died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Jacob was the son of Petrus Theodore RIEBER and Elizabeth SCHUHMACHER.

1935 - David COOK died in Winfield, Kansas.  David was the son of George COOK and Matilda JACOBS.

1978 - William Arden LeMASTER died in Portland, Jay County, Indiana.  William was the son of John Leland LeMASTER and Dortha LeEtta DeLAUTER.

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