Sunday, November 11, 2012

On This Day : November 11

1684 - John GRUBB born in Wilmington, Delaware.  John was the son of John GRUBB and Frances VANE.

1697 - Hannah REYNOLDS born.  Hannah was the daughter of Henry REYNOLDS and Prudence CLAYTON.

1717 - Peter CRANDALL married Mary RICHMOND.  Peter was the son of Samuel CRANDALL and Sarah COLBY.

1728 - Joshua MENDENHALL born.  Joshua was the son of Benjamin MENDENHALL and Lydia ROBERTS.

1748 - Lois MAXSON born in Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  Lois was the daughter of John MAXSON and Sarah BURDICK.

1749 - Samuel PIERCE born.  Samuel was the son of Josiah PIERCE and Miriam COOK.

1759 - Benjamin TAYLOR born.  Benjamin was the son of George TAYLOR and Rachel GIBSON.

1762 - Avis HURLBUT born in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Avis was the daughter of Israel HURLBUT and Jerusha __________.  Avis was my 5x-great grandmother.

1779 - Rachel MILLS married John WHEELER in North Carolina.  Rachel was the daughter of John MILLS and Sarah BEALS.

1790 - John HILLIER died.  John was the son of Edward HILLIER and Sarah HAINES.

1810 - Jonathan MAXSON born in Clark County, Ohio.  Jonathan was the son of Jesse MAXSON and Sarah SUTTON.

1812 - Josiah BALDWIN married Lydia WHITE.  Josiah was the son of Uriah BALDWIN and Hannah HUNT.

1816 - Jane Elizabeth LOGAN born.  Jane was the daughter of John LOGAN and Rachel McPHEETERS.

1822 - John A. COY born.  John was the son of John COY and Almina PIERCE.

1837 - Thomas G. FESSENDEN died in Boston, Massachusetts.  Thomas was the son of Thomas FESSENDEN and Elizabeth KENDALL.

1843 - Abel Woolston CHEW born in Blackwood, Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Abel was the son of Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Caroline Bishop WOOLSTON.

1845 - Elizabeth CROCKETT married Miles BRAY in Owen County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of David CROCKETT and Mary Ann NOSLER.

1862 - Emma Rose MAXON born.  Emma was the daughter of Alexander Young MAXON and Margaret ROSE.

1880 - Ida Jane JACOBS married Isaiah Franklin COPLEY in West Salem, Ashland County, Ohio.  Ida was the daughter of William JACOBS and Catherine EICHELBERGER.

1870 - Jarah Albert STOUT born in Lamotte Township, Crawford County, Illinois.  Jarah was the son of Moses B. STOUT and Nancy PARKER.

1883 - Benjamin BOYER married Susan FUNK in Warrick County, Indiana.  Benjamin was the son of Christopher C. BOYER and Nancy Ann McCOOL.

1887 - Ira Clyde HENDRIXSON born in Franklin Township, Brown County, Ohio. Ira was the son of Ira F. HENDRIXSON and Mary Ann BERRY.

1889 - Beatrice Mae PENISTEN born.  Beatrice was the daughter of George Washington PENISTEN and Jemimah STIGLEMAN.

1892 - Aaron SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Aaron was the son of Aaron SWAFFORD and Nancy Alice PATTON.

1902 - Gertrude Marie GILBERT died in Girard, Kansas.  Gertrude was the daughter of Joseph Edwin GILBERT and Mary Ann BEALS.

1912 - Charlie BUTLER married Linda HOGG.  Charlie was the son of Frank Carlos BUTLER and Clara LEMASTERS.

1953 - Prince Albert CUMMINGS died in Pantex Village, Carson County, Texas. Prince Albert was the son of Wyatt CUMMINGS and Margaret HENSON.

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