Thursday, November 15, 2012

On This Day : November 15

1650 - John BROUGHTON married Hannah BASCOM in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  John was the son of Thomas BROUGHTON and Mary BRISCOE.  Hannah was the daughter of Thomas BASCOM.  They were my 10x-great grandparents.

1684 - Alice MARIS married Jacob SIMCOCK in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Alice was the daughter of George MARIS and Alice ________.

1730 - Richard BEESON married Ann BROWN in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Richard was the son of Richard BEESON and Charity GRUBB.

1738 - Thomas BROUGHTON married Adrie CRANE.  Thomas was the son of John BROUGHTON and Hannah BASCOM.

1794 - Theophilus McPHEETERS born. Theophilus was the son of James Moore McPHEETERS and Elizabeth COALTER.

1795 - James TAYLOR married Keturah MOSS.  James was the son of James TAYLOR and Ann HUBBARD.

1798 - Rebecca WEST married Abner LOWE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas WEST and Rachel OLIPHANT.

1815 - Rebecca NESBIT married Aaron LEWIS in Harrison County, Kentucky. Rebecca was the daughter of Samuel NESBIT and Mary BERRY.

1850 - Josiah WHITE died.  Josiah was the son of John WHITE and Rebecca HAINES.

1859 - Pamelia Susan FLANAGAN married Allen Jackson BIRDWELL in DeSoto, Louisiana. Pamelia was the daughter of William Jackson FLANAGAN and Elizabeth JACKSON.

1866 - Frances COIT died.  Frances was the daughter of Coleby CHEW and Frances LEARNED.

1874 - Friedrich Heinrich WILD born in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Friedrich was the son of Johannes Heinrich WILD and Emilie DEUTSCH.

1875 - Mary Elizabeth LEE married John Marshall SWAFFORD in Ray County, Missouri. Mary was the daughter of Burrell Russell LEE and Elizabeth W. NAIL.

1884 - Mary Ellen SWAFFORD married Robert Farrell GILLILAND in Monroe County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Peter Kirkpatrick SWAFFORD and Mary Ann CROCKETT.  Mary was my 3x-great grandmother.

1884 - Mattie SWAFFORD born in Bradley County, Tennessee.  Mattie was the daughter of John Aaron SWAFFORD and Bell SEABORN.

1885 - Wesley T. METZNER married Mary Emma ROSER in Jay County, Indiana.  Wesley was the son of John METZNER and Catharine YOUNG.

1893 - Haley Mae MATTHEWS born.  Haley was the daughter of Fitzhugh Lee MATTHEWS and Mary Elizabeth SWAFFORD.

1900 - Gladies HALE born.  Gladies was the daughter of Albert HALE and Elnora Jane McLANE.

1926 - Isaac Luther ERVIN died in White County, Indiana.  Isaac was the son of Moses ERVIN and Martha SMITH.

1949 - George Elmer HALEY died in Mt. Gilead, Morrow County, Ohio.  George was the son of William W. HALEY and Jane Elizabeth OWEN.

1995 - Leslie Howard SWAFFORD died in Kansas City, Kansas.  Leslie was the son of John William SWAFFORD and Viola Mae MILLER.

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