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Marriage License & Return : John Petry to Mary Lemasters, 1883

Source: Jay County, Indiana, Original Marriage License: "John Petry to Mary Lemaster, 1883"; County Marriage Returns Collection; Jay County Historical Society, Portland, Indiana.

Marriage License

State of Indiana, Jay County

The State of Indiana to any person empowered by law to solemnize Marriage in said County, Greeting:
You are hereby duly authorized to join together, as HUSBAND AND WIFE, 
John Petry and Mary Lemaster
In Testimony Whereof, I, R.T. Hammons, Clerk of the Jay Circuit Court, have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of said Court, at Portland, this 4 day of August A.D. 1883.
R.T. Hammons Clerk

State of Indiana, Jay County, :
I, P. Lemasters, an ordanied minister, do hereby certify that on the 4th day of August, 1883, I joined together, as Husband and Wife, John Petry and Mary Lemasters.
Given under my hand, this 4th day of Aug. 1883.
P. Lemasters

Source : Jay County, Indiana, Original Marriage Return: "John Petry to Mary Lemasters, 1883"; County Marriage Returns Collection; Jay County Historical Society, Portland, Indiana.


1. Full Name of Groom  John Petry
2. Place of Residence Salamonia Ind.  I don't know
3. Age next Birthday 24 years
4. Color Dark White
5. Occupation Laborer
6. Place of Birth Jay Co Ind
7. Father's Name Charley Petry
8. Mother's Maiden Name Susannah Wehrly
9. No. of Groom's Marriage 1
10. Full Name of Bride Mary Lemasters
Maiden Name, if a Widow _______
11. Place of Residence Near Salamonia, Ind.
12. Age next Birthday 35 years
13. Color White
14. Place of Birth Shelby Co Ohio
15. Father's Name L.W. Lemasters
16. Mother's Maiden Name Nancy Young
17. No. of Bride's Marriage 1
18. Place of Marriage L.W. Lemasters
19. By P. Lemasters 
20. Date of Marriage Aug 4 1883

This record of the marriage of John Petry (1860-1942) and Mary P. (Lemasters) Petry (1849-1929) was located at the Jay County Historical Society.  

John was the son of Charles and Susannah (Wehrly) Petry.  Mary was the daughter of Luman Walker and Nancy (Young) Lemasters.  The marriage took place at the home of the bride and was performed by her uncle, Phillip Lemasters (1836-1915), a Methodist minister.

Interestingly, this was a first marriage for both, yet she was to be 35 at her next birthday, and he only 24.  According to census records, they had at least 4 children, the last born when Mary was 43.

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