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Death Certificate: William P. Wehrly, Jay County, Indiana (1909)

Source: William P. Wherly, death certificate Book H-6, page 18 (1909), Jay County Health Department, Portland, Indiana

Jay County Indiana
Geneology Death Record

Name: Wherly, William P.
Date of Death:  6/14/1909   Time: 0:00   Sex:  M

Age: 63  Months: 7  Days: 12  Hours:  0  Minutes: 0

Birthdate: 11/02/1845    Place:  Ohio
Death Address:  Madison Township
Residence:  Madison Township

County: Jay County
Marital Status:  Married   Spouse:  Olive Wherly
Race:  White      Occupation:   Retired
Father:  John S. Wherly      Birth:   Pennsylvania
Mother Maiden Name:  Barbara Wherly (Petry)   Birth:  Pennsylvania
Burial Place:  Salamonia, IN

Burial Date:  [blank]
Funeral Home:  Stolz Williamson & Straley
Address:  [blank]

File date:  [blank]   Book No.: H-6   Page No.: 18   Local No.: [blank]
Physician:  W.A. Chen, MD
Manner of Death: Natural
Cause of Death:  Gastric Ulceratio, Heatenesis

The above death certificate is for my paternal 2nd-great grandfather, William P. Wehrly (1845-1909).  I obtained this record on my recent research trip into Jay County.

Obtaining this record has led to a correction in my database.  Previously, I had William's death date listed as June 16, 1909.  More than likely, this was actually his burial date.  However, the date of the 16th is listed on his tombstone.

The spelling of the surname is interesting, and almost led to the clerk not being able to find the record.  

Facts that I already knew included his birth date and place.  He was born in Preble County, Ohio according to other sources.  

William was married, his spouse was Olive Jane (Smith) Wehrly (1846-1913).

His parents were listed as John S. Wherly born in Pennsylvania and Barbara Wherly (Petry) born in Pennsylvania.   This information correlates to what I've already found.

The physician was listed as W.A. Chen, but this was a typographical error or a misreading of the record as the physician in Salamonia was W.A. Chew.

The cause of death appears to be a typographical error and should be hematemesis, which would correlate to his stomach trouble listed in his obituary.

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