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Exploratory Data Analysis: LeRoy Garfield Wehrly (1880-1883)

Leroy Garfield Wehrly (1880-1883) was my paternal great-granduncle.  What follows is an exploratory analysis of the biographical data I have discovered about him.

1. Vital Records

     1.1. Birth Certificate

          Leroy was born August 13, 1880 in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana1.  The State of Indiana did not require state-wide registration of births until after 1907.  Jay County, Indiana only has birth records from 1882.

          1.1.1. Birth Notice in Newspaper

               If Leroy's birth was announced in the local newspaper, it has been lost to history.  The Jay County Public Library has newspapers from the late 1880s.  The State Library in Indianapolis does not indicate any newspapers of the time period.

          1.1.2. Bible Record

               I am not aware of any surviving Bible record of the Wehrly family.  Will continue to reach out to extended family in hopes that one does exist.

          1.1.3. Baptismal Record

               I am not aware of any baptismal record for LeRoy, nor the church affiliation of the Wehrlys.

          1.1.4. Adoption Record

               There is no indication that LeRoy was adopted.

     1.2. Marriage License

          Not applicable, as LeRoy did not survive into adulthood.

          1.2.1 Marriage Notice in Newspaper

               Not applicable.

          1.2.2. Anniversary Notice

               Not applicable.

          1.2.3. Divorce Decree

               Not applicable.

     1.3. Death Certificate

          LeRoy died December 23, 18831, probably in Jay County, Indiana.  I do not have a copy of his death certificate.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.1. Obituary in Newspaper

               Will need to check the local newspapers in Jay County, Indiana to see if mention was made of LeRoy's death.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.2. Funeral Home Records

               Once I've obtained his obituary, I might be able to identify the funeral home that handled the arrangements and then contact them to see if they have any more records.

          1.3.3. Tombstone Photograph

               LeRoy's tombstone has not been photographed.  I assume he is buried in the Salamonia Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana with other members of the family, but need to research this.

2. Census Records

     2.1. Federal Census Records

          Not applicable, as LeRoy didn't survive until adulthood and was born after the enumeration of the 1880 census.

     2.2. State Census Records

          The State of Indiana conducted state census in 1853, 1857, 1871, 1883, 1889, 1901, 1913, and 1921.  These, however, were merely for the purposes of legislative apportionment.

     2.3. Agricultural Census Records

          I have not yet investigated these types of census records to see what light they might shed on the Wehrly farm.

3. Military Records

     3.1. Draft Registration

          Not applicable.

     3.2. Pension Records

          Not applicable.

     3.3. Service Records

          Not applicable.

4. Land Records

     4.1. Deed Records

         Not applicable, as LeRoy did not survive into adulthood.

     4.2. Plat map / county map

          Not applicable, as LeRoy did not survive into adulthood.

5. Supplemental Records

     Not applicable, as LeRoy did not survive into adulthood.


1. Wehrly, Blaine & Gladys, "Wehrly & Smith Family History." Report to Wehrly Reunion, New Castle, Indiana, 16 August 1970.  Photocopy held by author.

This post was developed as part of the series relating to Building My 2011 Research Template, an attempt to systematically document and source the details of my ancestors' lives. Comments regarding this template and the conclusions drawn in this article are welcomed.

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