Monday, December 09, 2013

Wardlow Deeds Clermont County Ohio

Researching at the Genealogy Center, I located the following Wardlow family records in Clermont County Ohio Deeds and Mortgages 1791-1830 an index by Alma Aicholtz Smith, 1991.  Will be writing to the Clermont County Recorder to obtain copies of these:

1815 Wardlow, Joseph to Wardlow, Robert          Book N-12:025   289acres Life estate

1817 Wardlow, Robert to Wardlow, William decd heirs   Book P-14:140 373 5/8acres

1815 Wardlow, Robert to Wardlow, Samuel         Book M-11:379  150acres White Oak Creek

1806 Wardlow, Robert to Wardlow, John              Book F-05:211 200acres White Oak Creek

The Robert Wardlow is my ancestor, Robert Wardlaw (c1745-1820) a Revolutionary War veteran from Rockbridge County, Virginia.  He was married to Janet Downey.   The William, Samuel and John mentioned were all his children, as was Joseph, who appeared to be granting Robert land in 1815.  

Will be writing off for copies of these deeds.

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