Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Exploratory Data Analysis Through 2x-Great Grandaunts & Uncles

Though it took much longer that I had hoped, have finally finished by series of exploratory data analysis through my 2x-great grandaunts and granduncles.  Previously, I had written about my results through my 2x-great grandparents.  My next steps are to move on to my 3x-great grandparents as well as start work on some of Eileen's ancestors and Corinne's ancestors.

Working on this series has allowed me to find out where there are gaps in my research and has added much data.  Now I just need to follow up with my "to-do" lists before my next research trip to make sure I use my time effectively.

Here are the links to posts about the exploratory data analysis posts for my 2x-great grandaunts and granduncles:

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