Tuesday, March 04, 2014

DNA Relatives : Surname View

One of the reports at 23andMe provides for DNA matches is a surname view, showing surnames matching the profiles of my genetic cousins.  I just updated my list of associated surnames through twelve generations in order to help others find a surname match, and I uploaded a GEDCOM to the site showing my family tree.

The enrichment factor is the result of a one-tail binomial test to gauge the uniqueness of the surname result and weed out the more common surname matches, ie. Smith and Jones.  The higher the number, the more unusual it is that it is of a high frequency of my matches.

The top surnames with high enrichment numbers are : Cherdron, Roblyer, Moninger, Marvin, Herbach and Stickel.  I have three of the five in my known genealogy : Cherdron, Herbach and Stickel.  With the high frequency matches, I wonder if Roblyer, Moninger and Marvin may be as of yet undiscovered family names in my tree.

I've already reached out to all of the 994 connections and hopefully we will begin sharing genomes and be able to find out just how we are related.

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