Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Marriage License Issued : Samuel Hancock and Ida Davis, 1892

Ellettsville, Indiana Mornoe Citizen
September 3, 1892, page 1

Located the mention in the local newspaper of the marriage license of my maternal great-grandmother, Ida Davis (1874-1900) to Samuel Hancock.  Ida was the daughter of James Austin and Mary Ellen (Swafford) Davis.

Ida's marriage to Samuel took place August 28, 1892 in Monroe County, Indiana, according to my database.  I need to write off for a copy of their marriage license.

Apparently, the marriage was not a happy one, as my notes say a divorce suit was filed in the May 1894 term of the Monroe County court.  At that time, Ida had been a resident of Bean Blossom Township for two years.

Ida has been the subject of numerous posts on this blog, as I've yet to be able to determine the parentage of her two daughters, Pansy (b.1894) and June (b.1898).

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