Saturday, March 08, 2014

Grandma June's Birth Announcement

Indianapolis Sun, Indianapolis, Indiana
June 13, 1898 page 2
Located my maternal great-grandmother, June Davis' birth announcement in the Indianapolis Sun newspaper of June 13, 1898.  

The birth announcement lists her only as a girl born to Atkinson and Ida Davis, just as her birth certificate lists.  Instead of a street address, the residence is listed as "Door of Hope".

Door of Hope was associated with the Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis and was established as a home for fallen women.  I have previously found Ida living at the Door of Hope in the 1900 census, this confirms that she was there in 1898 as well.  I remember my grandmother, Bonnie, when I had asked where her mother was born, saying that June was born in the city of Hope.  For a long time, I had assumed this was Hope, Bartholomew County, Indiana, where incidentally, there were Gilliland families.  Gilliland was the surname that June was raised with.  After her mother, Ida, died, June and her sister were raised by their grandmother, Mary Ellen (Swafford) Davis Gilliland.  Keeping this straight has been quite a lot of fun.

I have not been able to determine if the father listed on June's birth certificate is an Atkinson Davis or a _______ Atkinson.  I have not been able to locate an Atkinson Davis in Indianapolis are at the time.  This might be a mystery that is never solved.  Perhaps there is a bastardy proceeding somewhere that might shed some light.

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