Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surname Saturday : Antonides

The ANTONIDES surname is in my maternal line.  The origins of the surname are Dutch.  There is much to learn about this line and its ties to early New Netherlands history.

Stories and history : 

Ahnentafel # 213 : Joannah Antonides (1778-1825).  Joannah was born August 28, 1778 in New Jersey.  She married James Groenendyke (1770-1836) on June 4, 1797.  James was born in 1770 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died September 1836 in Fayette County, Indiana.  They were the parents of eight children.  They resided in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey before coming to Dearborn County, Indiana by 1815 and Fayette County, Indiana by 1818.  Joannah died in 1825 in Fayette County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 426 : Pieter Antonides (1726-1796).  Pieter was born July 31, 1726 in Marlboro, New Jersey.  He married Catherine Vanderveer (1732-1796) on November 10, 1750.  Catherine was born August 11, 1732 and died May 8, 1796.  They were the parents of eight children and lived in Kings County, New York.  Pieter died August 27, 1796.

Ahnentafel # 852 : Johannis Antonides (1683-   ).  Johannis was born March 28, 1683 in Franeker, Netherlands.  He married Annetje Couwenhoven (1690-  ) in 1724.  Annetje was born October 21, 1690.  They were the parents of at least two children.  The location of Annetje and Johannis' death is unknown.

Ahnentafel # 1704 : Vincentius Antonides (1666-1744).  Vincentius was born in 1666 in the Netherlands.  He married Anatie Van Couvenhaven.  Her date of birth and death are unknown.  Vincentius immigrated from Bergen, Friesland, Netherlands on January 1, 1705.  He was the pastor of Kings County Reformed Dutch Church.  The were the parents of at least three children.  Vincentius died in 1744.

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