Friday, November 28, 2014

DNA : Mom's Cousin Linda

Corresponding recently with mom's DNA match, Linda, with whom I share no DNA.  Linda matches mom on only one segment, chromosome 1, and is predicted to be a 3rd to 6th cousin, according to 23andMe.

When I contacted Linda and shared my family tree at Ancestry, she wrote back and thought that we might be related on the Caldwell line.  Linda sent me a link to her Ancestry tree as well.  Her Caldwell line comes from Andrew Caldwell who died 1759 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Mom's line, however, comes from an Andrew Caldwell who died 1758 in Frederick County, Virginia.  While there might be a connection further back, this did not appear to be where we connected.

Looking at Linda's tree, I discovered that she had a branch that ended with Ruth Hunt (1745-1767) who married Thomas Thornburgh (1743-1788).  Her Ruth Hunt was born 1745 in Loudon County, Virginia and died January 20, 1767 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  This matches up with the Quaker relative of my mother, Ruth Hunt, daughter of Thomas Hunt (1723-1763) and Ann Beals (1720-1790), members of the New Garden MM, Society of Friends.  Ann Beals was the daughter of John Beals (1685-1745) and Sarah Bowater (1689-bef1767), my mother's 7th-great grandparents.

If this is the connection, it would make Linda and mom 8th cousins twice removed.  The DNA recombination might be a bit higher because I noticed that Linda had Osborn relatives as well, and mom has Quaker Osborn ancestors as well.

I've sent Linda some information today and I'm hoping we can continue the discussion to confirm the connections.

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