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Virgil Wright Obtains Diploma, 1912

"Diplomas For Students," notice, Alexandria Times-Tribune, 15 April 1912; online images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : accessed 14 March 2015).

Searching the archives of the Alexandria-Times Tribune, I found mention of my maternal great-grandfather, Virgil Lee Wright (1894-1972), listed among the graduates of the eighth grade in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.

Some of the names of listed graduates are very familiar to me in the area.  One name, Ruby King, maybe a relative.  



Twenty-two In Monroe Township Passed First Eighth Grade Examination.

Of the 59 Monroe township students who took the examination for graduation from the eighth grade on March 18, 22 were successful, according to the figures given by the County Superintendent, J.W. Frazier.  In the whole county there were 389 applicants, of whom 140 passed.  The highest grade was obtained by Harry Leonard of Jackson township, 95 2-5.  Wesley Canup, of Van Buren township, was second, with 94 1-9.  In Monroe township Frank Swindell, of the Spiceland school, had the highest grade, 92 2-5 with Marie Thurston, of the Olive Branch school a close second.

The successful students in Monroe township were Virgil Wright, Marie Thurston, Delbert Smith, Earl Blake, Delbert and Frank Swindell, George Hall, Maggie Morton, Esther Baxter, Frank Wyatt, Verta Tomlinson, Mary Sanders, Letha Hughes, Clarence Clock, Everett Janney, Marie Blake, Ruby King, Kenneth Rogers, Hellen Henshaw, Leon Hook, Robert Grizzle and Marion Marquess.

In Van Buren township the successful students were Forest Riday, Leslie Canup, Wesley Canup, Oren Collier, Madge Ellsworth, Walter Hiatt, Kenneth Tomlinson, Wilifred Harris, Chester Hiatt, Herbert Carey, Mary Brook, Herbert Winn, Garnet Martin, Harry Spitzmesser, Clyde Morris, Hazel Kirkpatrick, Willie Inglis, Florence Peele, Veda Knight, Hazel Browne, and Marie Kirkpatrick.

The Successful ones in Boone township were Charles Austin, Clyde Cartwright, Gladys Cunningham, Ward Jones, Anna Vison, Clarence Overshiner, Paul Swain, Claire Metcalf, Donald Achor and Clarence Tutlow.

Another examination will be held next Saturday, when those who failed in the first examination will have an opportunity to try again for a diploma.

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