Sunday, December 20, 2015

Samuel Green Hancock (b.1867) Social Security Application

Searching at for hints on the Ida Davis mystery, I located some additional information about her husband, Samuel G. Hancock (b.1867).  Thanks to their database on the U.S. Social Security Applications, I found out that his middle name was Green, and that he applied for his Social Security in 1937.

Name:Samuel Green Hancock
Birth Date:17 Oct 1867
Birth Place:Owen CO, Indiana
Father Name:Joseph Hancock
Mother Name:Margaret M Vaughn
Type of Claim:Original SSN.
Notes:Jun 1937: Name listed as SAMUEL GREEN HANCOCK

Previously, the last record I had for Samuel was the 1930 census, when he was a resident of Perry Township, Marion County, Indiana.

Samuel was married to Ida Davis on August 28, 1892 in Monroe County, Indiana.  A suit for divorce was filed in Monroe County, and mentioned in the April 26, 1894 issue of the Bloomington World.  

I've located additional marriages for Samuel in Owen and Marion Counties, Indiana, and at least 3 children, but have yet to find much on them.  Many online trees have tried to connect Samuel as the father of either Ida's daughter Pansy or June, but no hard evidence has appeared.  However, daughter Pansy was born December of 1894, just 8 months after the divorce notice appeared in the newspaper.

If you are related to this family, I would definitely like to hear from you.

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