Sunday, January 03, 2016

Obituary : Peter Swafford, September 9, 1885, Republican Progress, Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks to the folks at the Monroe County, Indiana Public Library, I was able to obtain a copy of the obituary of my maternal 4th-great grandfather, Peter Kirkpatrick Swafford (1827-1885).  The obituary appeared in the September 9, 1885 edition of the Republican Progress in Bloomington, Indiana.

Peter Swafford, who lived on the hill (at Spencer) near Henry Keenes, died one day last week and was taken to Monroe county near Stinesville for burial.

That's not much of an obituary, but it does let me know that he was buried near Stinesville in Monroe County, even though he died in Owen County.  I have not yet located his burial location.

Peter was born June 12, 1827 in Mississippi and married April 3, 1853 in Owen County, Indiana to Mary Ann Crockett (1835-1865).  

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