Thursday, March 03, 2016

Henry & Simeathy Pierce lot, Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Indiana

Maplewood Cemetery Records, Anderson, Madison County, Indiana

This is a copy of the cemetery records at the office of Maplewood Cemetery in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana for Henry & Simeathy (Smelser) Pierce.  The cemetery is split into two sections, and the section the Pierces are buried in is considered West Maplewood.

According to the cemetery office, many of the records were destroyed in a fire.  Isn't that always the case with my Madison County relatives?  But at least in this case we have this log.

The owner of this lot # 437 is S. Pearce (note the spelling).  In the list of the persons buried in this plot are the following :

Henry Pierce - no other identifying information.  This is Henry E. Pierce (1833-1901), the son of Francis S. & Rebecca (Page) Pierce.

Simeathy Pierce - this is Henry's wife, Simeathy (Smelsor) Pierce.

Frank Pierce - this is Henry & Simeathy's son, Franklin T. Pierce (1861-1919)

Eva Pierce - this is Henry & Simeathy's daughter

These records back up what the monuments display at the cemetery.

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