Monday, December 18, 2006

Today in my database : Mary Richards (b. December 18, 1738)

Today in my database is my paternal 6th-great grandmother, Mary Richards.

Mary was born December 18, 1738 in New Jersey, the daughter of John and Mary (________) Richards. Mary married October 21, 1760 in Philadelphia, PA to Jesse Chew, son of Jeffrey and Amy (Driver) Chew. Jesse was born November 25, 1738 in Gloucester Co., NJ, and died January 31, 1812 in Gloucester Co., NJ. Mary died May 7, 1816 in New Jersey, probably Gloucester Co.

Known children of Jesse and Mary (Richards) Chew are as follows :
i. Sarah Chew b. September 21, 1761 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. February 7, 1845, m. James Early
ii. Elizabeth Chew b. ca. 1763 Gloucester Co., NJ., m. Samuel Stiles
iii. Nathaniel Chew b. 1765 Gloucester Co., NJ, d. July 16, 1841 Gloucester Co., NJ., m. Sarah Springer
iv. Susannah Chew b. June 22, 1771 New Jersey, d. July 11, 1842, m. Thomas Eldridge
v. Jesse Chew b. November 12, 1773 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. March 8, 1812, m. Keziah Kinsey
vi. Elisha Chew b. October 5, 1776 New Jersey, d. August 22, 1849, m. Mary Springer
vii. Mary Chew b. May 2, 1780 New Jersey, d. October 6, 1851, m. Joseph Eastlack

I descend from Jesse and Mary (Richards) Chew through their son, Nathaniel, as follows :
Mary Richards and Jesse Chew
Nathaniel Chew and Sarah Springer
Nathaniel Chew and Mary West
Ezekiel Cooper Chew and Caroline Bishop Woolston
Mary Keziah Chew and Luman Walker Lemasters Jr.
Luman Cooper LeMasters and Barbara Isabelle Wehrly (my great-grandparents)

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