Monday, December 22, 2008

Miss Hazel O'Bryant Entertained a Party of Friends

Alexandria Times-Tribune, Thursday, March 2, 1905, page 1.


Miss Hazel O'Bryant Entertained a Party of Friends at Her Home Tuesday Night.

Miss Hazel O'Bryant entertained at her home on West Jefferson on Tuesday evening, in honor of her birthday anniversary. A very enjoyable time was had by all, the evening being spent with games and music. Refreshments were served after which the guests collected around the mysterious table, waiting until a late hour to see it move.

Those present were Dora Frank, Bessie Horne, Winnie Hurlock, Eva Schwinn, Bessie Bowers, Thera Carver, Jennie Kendall, Shirley Pickard, Pearl Coffin, Thurman Hall, Omer Broyles, Hugh Kerr, Allen McKenna, Carl Jones, Ashel Cunningham, Otto Frank, Doxey Pickard, Jay Crouse, Howard Brattain and Ray Hupp.

[Hazel O'Bryant was my maternal 2nd-great grandaunt. She married Jesse WRIGHT on June 10, 1916 in Madison County, Indiana]

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