Friday, September 17, 2010

Rummaging Through The Family

What better way to create family memories than to be a part of a family rummage sale!  Well, maybe there are better ways to create memories, but our family rummages have been memorable lately.

We've made the circuit in the past year with a sale at my house, one at my mom's, and now the third "family" rummage.  With both parents retired and wanting to downsize, and me trying my hand at 'flipping' auction finds - we've managed to have some good sales.

Today, I helped mom & dad with their sale held at my brother's house during the Frankton Heritage Days weekend.  I had quite a bit of merchandise in the sale myself, mostly stuff I've picked up at auction sales as box lots.  So far, I've managed to make my investment many times over.  There is a buyer for nearly everything imaginable.

Ok, so it may have looked a bit like a scene out of Sanford & Son, but we had a pretty good time once the initial stress of setup was over.  You get to meet a lot of interesting people when you hold a rummage sale.  Almost as interesting as the people you discover when tracing your family tree.

Mom holding an LP of The New Christy Minstrels
[anyone wanna buy it?]

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