Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On This Day : September 18

1698 - Elizabeth SCHERCH born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Ulrich SCHÜRCH and Barbara GRUNDBACHER.

1723 - John DAVIS born.  John was the son of John DAVIS and Elizabeth MAXSON.

1742 - Jessie WRIGHT born in Foodie, Fife, Scotland.  Jessie was the son of Robert WRIGHT and Elizabeth HENDERSON.

1743 - Tamar WILLIAMS born.  Tamar was the daughter of Isaac WILLIAMS and Dorothy FREEMAN.

1770 - Samuel CHEW married Lucy MILLER in New London, Connecticut.  Samuel was the son of Thomas CHEW and Martha TAYLOR.

1807 - Bethiah PIERCE died.  Bethiah was the daughter of Bennett FIELD and Elizabeth SPOFFORD.  Bethiah was my 6x-great grandmother.

1811 - Harriet WELCH born.  Harriet was the daughter of Thomas WELCH and Lucinda PIERCE.

1819 - Samuel Brown McPHEETERS born in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Samuel was the son of William McPHEETERS and Margaret Ann Curry McDANIEL.

1825 - William NOSLER married Margaret JOHNSON in Owen County, Indiana.  William was the son of Conrad NOSLER and Sarah PAINS.

1831 - Phebe Ann BEALS born in Randolph County, Indiana.  Phebe was the daughter of Daniel BEALS and Catherine JACKSON.

1850 - Frederick P. WEHRLY married Lavina OBLINGER.  Frederick was the son of Johannes WEHRLY and Barbara PETRY.

1852 - George BROWN died in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada.  George was the son of Alexander BROWN and Elizabeth WRIGHT.

1856 - Johannah WARE died. Johannah was the daughter of James GROENENDYKE and Barbara BUCK.

1886 - John R. SWAFFORD born in Tennessee.  John was the son of George W. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth HAMILTON.

1889 - Mary Ellen ALDERMAN born in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.  Mary was the daughter of James William ALDERMAN and Vashti KIMBRO.

1907 - John B. SWAFFORD died in Rayville, Missouri.  John was the son of Aaron SWAFFORD.

1917 - John T. BEALS died in Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana.  John was the son of Nathan C. BEALS and Elizabeth CHEW.  John was my 4x-great grandfather.

1940 - William F. HALEY died in Marion, Marion County, Ohio.  William was the son of William W. HALEY and Jane Elizabeth OWEN.

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