Monday, March 31, 2014

DNA : Eileen's Ancestry Composition

Eileen's results processed from the DNA test she took at 23andMe and her results were not quite what she expected.

Here is the "Conservative" estimate of her genetic make-up : 97.9% European, 2.1% unassigned.

There was no trace of any Native American, or any other ancestry for that matter, than European found.  A full 51.1% of non-specific northern European and 43.6% of non-specific European.

Here is the "Standard" estimate of her genetic make-up : 99.6% European, .4% unassigned.

This is a better break-down, showing 18.7% British & Irish, only 58.3% non-specific northern European and 21.7% non-specific European.  The .8% eastern European is interesting, as this is an unknown aspect of her family history.

Here is the "Speculative" estimate of her genetic make-up : 43.2% British & Irish, 9.8% French & German, .7% Scandinavian and 38.8% non-specific northern European.

The 2.4% non-specific southern European and 1.2% eastern European will be the most interesting to see if we can discover during this DNA research.  There is no known history of this ethnicity in her family.

Eileen was surprised that no Native American showed up on the test, and I was surprised that we weren't related to each other.  We have Swiss Mennonite families in the same area, I thought for sure we would be distantly related.

The good news is that we are hopeful that her mom and brother will test with 23andMe as well.

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