Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GEDmatch Comparison : Cousin Judy

Submitted my raw DNA file from 23andMe to the free third party tool, for comparison.  GEDmatch allows users from the three main testing sites, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and upload their raw data files and then the software will compare your autosomal DNA for matches.

While waiting on my file M170652 to be processed for the "one to many" matches, I was able to compare my file using the "one to one" match of my cousin, Judy.  We had corresponded years ago, and recently reconnected on Facebook. Judy and I connect on my maternal side and has her mother's file at GEDmatch.

This was the comparison that GEDmatch did on the DNA file of Mildred Crane Moore and myself.


The prediction was 3.4 generations to the MRCA (most recent common ancestor).

Mary Ellen Swafford (common ancestor)
Ida Davis & unknown                               Mary Florence Gilliland & Thomas Crane  (half sisters)
June Gilliland & Clemon Lambertson            Mildred Louise Crane & Merrill L. Moore (1st cousins)
Bonnie Lambertson & William Wright           Judy Moore & Troy Hill (2nd cousins)
Gloria Wright & Ord LeMaster                     
Travis LeMaster

Judy and my mom are 2nd cousins once removed, and Judy and I are 2nd cousins twice removed.  Though we already knew this on paper, it's nice to have the connection confirmed through DNA.

I'm eagerly awaiting GEDmatch fully processing my files, so that I can match with other cousins and begin sharing.  Another feature of the site is the ability to compare GEDCOMs.  I've uploaded a GEDCOM there as well, and the file number is 924805.

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