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Wright Family Bible Record, Brown County, Ohio

Received these copies of seven pages from the Brown County Genealogical Society, Georgetown, Ohio of a family Bible that contained information about my Wright family, particularly George Wright (1780-1853).  According to the note attached to the copies, the Bible is owned by Charles Henderson of Locust Ridge, Ohio.  I do not know how Mr. Henderson fits into my Wright family.

This first page has the typewritten note on the side "Bible owned by Charles Henderson of Locust Ridge, Ohio".

George Wright born July 31, 1780
Elisabeth Wright born June 16, 1781
There is another name written under Elisabeth, "U.C. Malott departed this Life the 13th day of Feb. 1902"
George Wright (1780-1853) is my maternal 5th-great grandfather.  His wife was Elizabeth Robins (1781-1857).  Their dates of birth in my database match this Bible record, though my sources were family group sheets that may have been derived from this particular Bible record. I do not know who the U.C. Malott is, though it is obviously from a different handwriting.  I did find a FindAGrave record for a Uriah C. Malott (1821-1902). 

 William R. Hall born Dec. 24, 1817
Susannah Wright born May 21, 1819
John Wright born Nov. 7, 1814
Samuel P. Wright born Sept. 22, 1816
Sarah Wright born Nov. 22, 1821
Asenath Wright born June 25, 1825

William R. Hall is William Riley Hall, the husband of Susannah Wright, daughter of George & Elizabeth (Robins) Wright.  The other Wright's listed : John, Samuel P., Sarah and Asenath are all children of George & Elizabeth.  One known child is not listed, that being Rebecca A., born circa 1826.  These birth dates match my database, except for John's birth, which I had as November 4, 1814.  Again, my dates come from family group sheets that may have been compiled from these Bible records, sort of a circular reference.

William R. Hall and Elisabeth Susannah Wright was united in Wedlock Oct. 29th 1840
Sidney Ogden and Susannah Hall was united in wedlock Oct 2, 1857 

This is the marriage record of William Riley Hall and Susannah Wright (daughter of George and Elizabeth (Robins) Wright.  They were married in Brown County, Ohio.  William died May 22, 1855, and Susannah remarried to Sidney Ogden on October 2, 1857 in Brown County, Ohio.  This makes me believe that the Bible was passed down through Susannah's heirs.

 This fourth page from the Genealogical Society is actually the same as the first page, notating the births of George and Elizabeth Wright.  However, at the top of the page, someone has written "This is George Wright b. 1780 s/o John & Sarah Fleming.  George is a brother to Joseph b. 1798".   I have George as being the son of John and Sarah (Fleming) Wright as well, with a brother Joseph, b. 1798.  However, I've yet to find a record anywhere that gives Sarah's maiden name.  I believe that this record from the society may be where the Fleming name has come into the record.

The fifth page from the society is actually the same as the second page above, containing the birth records.  On this page, someone has written the names of the family members below, apparently an attempt to make them easier to read.

William P. Hall
Susannah Wright
John Wright
Samuel P. Wright
Sarah Wright
Asenath Wright

The sixth page from the society was the marriages, which was a duplicate of the third page above, showing the two marriages of Susannah Wright, the first to William R. Hall, the second to Sidney Ogden.

 The seventh page from the society contains the listings of the deaths in the family.

George Wright deceased August 15, 1853
Elizabeth Wright deceased Nov.  23, 1857
Sarah Hendrixson deceased Feb 9, 1858
This is the death mention for my 5th-great grandparents, George and Elizabeth (Robins) Wright.  The dates match what I have in my database, though the date for Elizabeth I had November 22nd.  The Sarah Hendrixson is their daughter, Sarah Wright (b. 1820) who married Allen Hendrixson in 1839 in Brown County, Ohio.

It would appear that what the Brown County Genealogical Society has provided are copies from a multi-generational family Bible.  Likely one of George and Elizabeth (Robins) Wright's children possessed this Bible and then it passed on to other members of the family.  The birth and death dates are recorded for George and Elizabeth, as well as the births of five of their six children, the death of one and the marriage record of another.  My guess is that it was used by Susannah (Wright) Hall Odgen, since both of her marriages are recorded.

How the Malott name is connected to the family and how the Charles Henderson who now possesses the Bible is related will be a mystery for another day.

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