Sunday, January 03, 2016

DNA : Aunt Ruby's Ethnicity Results

Back in November, I wrote about awaiting the DNA results from my oldest maternal relative, my great-aunt Ruby.  Her results have come back and below are the ethnicity estimates from FamilyTreeDNA.

Ruby's ethnicity came back 97% European and 2% Middle Eastern.  The Middle Eastern portion came from Asia Minor (Turkey).

I realize that these ethnicity results are dependent on the self-reporting of the data pool, I do find them interesting.  My guess is that the portion from Turkey is from her maternal grandfather - who is as yet unknown.  This could explain the dark hair, dark eyes and features that appear to resemble the "mystery man" photo.  More tests will have to be done on other family members to see where they compare.

For the European ethnicity, the Eastern Europe portion has not shown up in the known paper trail DNA, though there is much of Ruby's paternal ancestry that remains unknown.  The maternal lines include much of the British Isles.

How does this compare with my ethnicity from FamilyTreeDNA?  

A little less Middle Eastern, but overall, similar results that I would expect from being a generation removed.

I've already reached out to two of my first cousins, who come from this same line.  Will compare these results and be able to track exactly what DNA we share from our common ancestors.  Then, hopefully, I can triangulate with others who match us and find common ancestors to break down the brick walls.

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