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Catherine & William Pierce lot, Maplewood Cemetery, Madison County, Indiana

Maplewood Cemetery Records, Anderson, Madison County, Indiana

This is a copy of the cemetery records at the office of Maplewood Cemetery in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana for my maternal 3-great grandparents, William and Catherine (Groenendyke) Pierce.  The cemetery is split into two sections, and the section the Pierces are buried in is considered West Maplewood.

According to the cemetery office, many of the records were destroyed in a fire.  Isn't that always the case with my Madison County ancestors?  But in this case, at least they had this log.

The owner of the lot # 694 is Catherine & William Pierce.  In the list of persons buried there were some interesting finds :

infant Pierce - stamped "See File".  Need to find out who this might be.  I believe I saw another record that stated this was the child of Lyman Pierce, but I'm not sure now.

Edmund  - this is Edmund Pierce, whose tombstone is marked. He died January 8, 1875.

1 adult - I believe that this record refers to William F. Pierce's first wife, Clara, who died in 1906.  Her obituary stated she was buried in the Anderson Cemetery, which was the old name for Maplewood.

Catherine Pearce - note the spelling.  Notes that she was buried December 13, 1913.  Catherine was the wife of Edmund.

Lillian Pearce - note the spelling.  Only 18 years old, she was buried August 14, 1921.  Lillian was the daughter of William and Clara Pierce.

John Granville (Groendyke) - aged 79.  Burial date was February 4, 1929. This must be John Thomas Groenendyke, the brother of Catherine, son of Elias & Nancy (Jenkins) Groenendyke.  Will need to do more research on him.

William F. Pierce - aged 85, buried September 25, 1950.  This was my maternal 2nd-great grandfather.  He has a marker at the cemetery with his second wife, Vida.

Vida Pierce - age not given, buried November 22, 1968. This was Vida (Maddox) Pierce, second wife of William.

Chad Pierce - aged 21 hours.  Infant, buried June 3, 1972.  Chad was the son of George & Annette Pierce.

James Louis Pierce - age 70, buried Feb. 1, 2002 (cremation) at the foot of Lillian Pierce.

These records are interesting for what they show and don't show.  There is a large monument that says "PIERCE" on it, with "E.G. Pierce" on one side and "W.F. Pierce" on the other.  Edmund and Catherine Pierce have a footstone, and there is a military marker for James Louise Pierce.  The infant Chad Pierce has a marker, as does William and Vida have a joint marker.

There is no marker for Lillian Pierce or Clara Pierce or John Groenendyke at the plot.

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