Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fishing Story : The Ones That Got Away

Alexandria Indiana Times-Tribune, 31 Aug 1949, page 4
My grandpa liked to fish, and I found this mention of one of his trips to Lake Tippecanoe in Indiana in the Alexandria Times-Tribune of August 31, 1949 where my grandmother was mentioned as well.  Apparently, the fish got away!

Bill Wright, employee of the post office, was telling the folks back home about the "ones that got away," while on his vacation.  Mr. and Mrs. Wright were fishing at Tippecanoe lake last Saturday night and had a string of six fish tied on the back of the boat.  The boat drifted into some weeds and the fish became tangled up in the weeds and broke loose.
Among the catch was the largest fish ever caught by Mrs. Wright, a one and one-fourth pound crappie.
That's the story! 
These snippets of information from the local newspapers provide a lot of color to the lives of my ancestors and make for some interesting reading.

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