Saturday, May 15, 2010

Revenge of the Census Lady

Received a return phone call this morning from the census lady, who was following up to my phone call from last night.  I told her that I had mailed in my census form on April 12th (I kept a copy).  She told me that they were told that if the forms were received by April 1st that households would receive a visit.  She told me that since I had mailed back the form, she would mark me as refused, for reason that I had already mailed back the form.  All was good.

Now, twelve hours later, I receive another call from her, apologizing that her supervisor has told her that she has to ask me the census questions or visit the house again.  Even though I had mailed in the form!  

She told me that there were others on my street who had called her back & told her that they had mailed the form in as well, but that her supervisor was requiring a visit. 

She wanted to read me the "confidentiality" statement.  I was polite, and told her that I understood that she was just doing her job, but that I didn't want to answer the questions that I had already answered.  I told her that I was more than familiar with my requirement, which I had already met and that I didn't want to bother with it.

I offered to give her a copy of the form, and she told me that she couldn't accept it, she would either need to ask me the questions or ask a proxy (ie. neighbor) the questions.  I ended the call by restating my position that she would just have to do that.

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