Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DNA : Dad's Ancestry Composition

Dad had his DNA tested with 23andMe as well, and here are the results of his test, using their Ancestry Composition section.

Here is the "Conservative" estimate of his genetic make-up : 97.1% European and 2.9% Unassigned.

These results were consistent with the paper trail genealogy, though I found the 0.1% Finnish interesting, as well as the 0.6% nonspecific Southern European.

Here is the "Standard" estimate of his genetic make-up : 99.4% European, 0.5% Unassigned and 0.1% South Asian.

Now where that South Asian comes into the family tree I have no idea as there are a few branches that haven't been traced.  There is a larger percentage of Southern European in this estimate as well.

Here is the "Speculative" estimate of his genetic make-up : 99.7 European, 0.1% South Asian, 0.1% East Asian & Native American, and 0.1% Unassigned.

The 29.3% British & Irish and the 17.1% French & German make sense considering how many of his lines I've been able to trace to those areas of Europe.  The 5.5% Scandinavian and 0.3% Finnish, as well as the 1.7% Italian and 0.9% Iberian indicate lines that I haven't established a paper trail.

The most interesting is the speculative 0.1% Native American - there is no tradition or evidence found of any Native American in my dad's lines, and the South Asian - which 23andMe indicates India or Pakistan is totally new to me.  Will have to see if I can get other members of his family to test and see what percentages show up.

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