Sunday, November 02, 2014

DNA: Eileen's Lewis Match

Recently made a connection with one of Eileen's matches at 23andMe that turns out to be her 3rd cousin once removed on her maternal Lewis line.

23andMe predicted that Michael and Eileen were 3rd cousins and turns out they match on 5 segments. Michael listed Lewis as one of his family surnames, so that was where I concentrated on when corresponding began.  

Michael was able to name his 2nd-great grandfather and his wife, who I was able to find in my database and make the connection.  I quickly wrote back to him to share the connection and ask for more information on his line down from the common Lewis ancestors.

The common ancestors between Michael and Eileen are Jacob Lewis (1847-1898) and Marietta Cook (1855-1942).  Michael's 2nd-great grandfather and Eileen's great grandfather were brothers.  The line of descent goes like this:

Jacob Lewis & Marietta Cook

Wilfred Lewis - brothers - Lawrence Solomon Lewis

Glenn Lewis - 1st cousin - Leota Marie (Lewis) Pefley

Michael's grandfather - 2nd cousin - Eileen's mother

Michael's father - 3rd cousin - Eileen

Hopefully, this will spark some correspondence that will generate more family information on these Lewis relatives, as I don't have information on Wilfred's line right now in my database.

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