Sunday, January 22, 2017

He Even Took Money From His Mother

Located another article about James Orcutt, widower of my paternal 2nd grandaunt, Samantha Metzner.  She had died in 1890, and it appears that within a few years, James was in some financial difficulty.

Goshen Daily News, March 20, 1893, page 2

Left Many Debts Behind
PORTLAND, IND.  March 20 - James Orcutt, the time buyer, who left here about ten days ago, has turned out to be a heavy defaulter.  The following persons were beaten by him: John Ebert, $200; Fred Bimel, $250; D. L. Adams & Co., $104; Creamery Package Manufacturin company, $200; Shannon Rhoades, $900; William Humphrey, $300; Leonard Frank, $100; Mrs. Orcutt, his mother, $7000; Fred Axe, $100.  The People's bank also hold $500 of his paper with other people as security.  Orcutt was looked upon as perfectly reliable and honest. 

 I still need to research the court cases involved here in Jay County when I make another research trip.  This article was along the same lines as my previous post.

Later articles indicate that James was arrested and charged with embezzlement.  James was the grandfather of my black sheep relative, Harry Pierpont

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